1. Staff Scientist

    Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    In the Kamran Idrees research group, my role is to leverage next-generation sequencing data collected from surgically resected specimens to uncover mechanisms of immune resistance and to develop novel immunotherapeutics. I oversee collaborations with academic and industry partners to drive translation of our benchwork back to the clinic. In my role, I have the wonderful opportunity to mentor international medical graduates and guide them as they seek to develop independent careers in academic science and clinical care.
  2. Bioinformatics Analyst

    Creative Data Solutions - Vanderbilt University
    As a bioinformatician in a shared resource core facility, my role was to perform data processing and exploratory analysis for a variety of next-generation sequencing technologies. The growth of transcriptomics and explosion of single cell sequencing modalities has enabled basic and clinical scientists to ask very intriguing questions, but design, analysis, and subsequent interpretation of single cell experiments is an ongoing challenge. In this role, I worked collaboratively with researchers to provide rapid and accurate analysis of sequencing results to help them interogate their biological questions.


  1. Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

    Vanderbilt University
    Investigating the role of T cells and macrophages in adipose tissue during weight gain and weight loss. Generated the first mouse single cell adipose tissue atlas in obese models.
    Murine Adipose Immune Atlas (MAI-seq)
Research Skills
Single Cell Sequencing
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Flow Cytometry
Mouse Models
Science Communication